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Online Reading, Writing, and ESL Tutoring for grades K-8

About Growing Literacy Tutoring

Hi! I am Sammy Bohannon. I am the face of Growing Literacy Tutoring, an online reading, writing, and English language tutoring service for kids in grades K-8. At Growing Literacy Tutoring, we are focused on helping struggling readers, struggling writers and English learners develop their skills to make growth in literacy. I work with students in grades K-8 who need reading support, writing support, and English language support. I love helping students reach their full potential and develop their literacy skills.

"I had a great experience when my son needed a couple of review classes for his 8th grade Standardized writing and reading tests. Everything was really organized and easy to arrange the sessions; very professional. We even got a bundle of hours because the cost per hour was better; win-win. Sammy is very knowledgeable and willing to help him with learning how to study fast and efficiently as well as specific school subjects. The most important is that my son feels he is heard during the lesson and he is also inspired to read literature! As a children’s book author myself this is my dream for my son and all kids, so I appreciate it a lot! We will keep coming back for extra help this summer to prepare his successful entrance to high school. Highly recommended"

May Pappa

Why Growing Literacy Tutoring?

Elementary Parents

  • Does your child struggle with sight words and fluency?
  • Do you worry they are not reading well enough for the next grade level?

Middle School Parents

  • Does your child read a text, but can't tell you what it was about?
  • Do you worry that your child's essays don't make sense?

"During this journey as a foster mom, having more than 4 children, and with learning issues and scheduling problems. It is not easy to find a person who not only helps children with school, it is very difficult to find someone who understands the situation of each child and her weaknesses in school. but when I met Sammy Bohannon she not only helps my children but also transmits positive words for school such as “you can” “let's try” Thank you for not only being a teacher but for really helping and getting my children not only have good grades but also think about continuing to study."

Maria Aburto

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"Excellent teacher, very patient, energetic. Connected very well with my son. Was able to create an impromptu math session, and provided me with a thorough and thoughtful assessment and plan afterwards."

Vivek Mital

Is your child struggling with reading? Or are you hoping to advance child's reading skills beyond their current grade level? Are you looking for an online reading tutor that can actually help your child make reading progress? Don't worry; I can help. I offer reading tutoring for kids in grades K-8. Tutoring for each child is different because tutoring is personalized to each child's individual needs and learning style. Are you ready to get started? Click the button to the right to get started with your free 20 minute consultation today and let's ease your worries together.

Reading Tutoring

"Ms. Bohannon has been incredible working with my foster girls. They had missed a huge chunk of the school year, and she's been super thorough in her survey to see what they missed, and get them back on track. I can't recommend her enough!!"

Olivia Price

Writing Tutoring

Does your child struggle with writing skills? Are their writing samples unorganized and lacking strong vocabulary words? At Growing Literacy Tutoring, we believe that writing is just as important as reading in building strong literacy skills. Online writing tutoring sessions involve completing all steps in the writing process to help your child develop strong writing skills and grammar skills. Your child will be a great writer in no time! Click the button to the right to schedule a free 20 minute consultation with me!

"Because of school closings due to COVID my daughter only received half of a year of Kindergarten and first grade instruction. It was not surprising when her teacher said she should repeat first grade because of a lack of reading proficiency . Luckily, we found Mrs. Sammy who has been working with her all summer to help build her reading skills. Our daughter has shown continuous improvement and is advancing through the reading levels. Mrs. Sammy helped decode the reading fundamentals and has helped our daughter gain confidence in her reading ability. She tailors the sessions to my daughter's interests and makes reading fun. We feel confident she is ready for second grade after all - thanks to Mrs. Sammy."

Mitzi Lutes

Is your child having trouble grasping the English langauge? Or perhaps your child is a beginning English language learner and you are looking for beginning level English classes online for your child? Are you looking for a one-on-one ESL tutor for your child? At Growing Literacy Tutoring, we believe that nothing should be a barrier to a child learning English. With our online English learning sessions, learning English has never been easier, and tutoring classes can take place in the comfort and convenience of your own home. To get your child started with our online English language tutoring sessions today, click the button to the right.

ESL Tutoring

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